How to Ping Your Blog the Right Way

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How to Ping Your Blog the Right Way

Professional bloggers repeatedly say – it’s a good practice to ping your blog. Pinging a blog is the easiest and fastest way to amplify your blog exposure.

But, what is pinging, what are the advantages and how it is done? If you wish to find answers to all such questions, then, keep on reading, this blog post might have the answers to your curious questions.

Every blog or website owner seriously wants to attract visitors and keep them coming again and again. If your blog have fairly good traffic, then it means you really offer something valuable to your readers. But, to attract visitors, you do have to make efforts from your side too. And blog pinging is one of them.

When you ping your blog, it allows you to share the latest blog updates, information, news or so with the online community. It’s like informing search engines and readers that there is something new on your blog. As internet readers and search engines crawlers love fresh content, they are eager to visit your blog, every time you update it.

The basic reason to ping your blog is that it can help you to get free traffic and it also boosts your search engine visibility. It is an easy way to notify your market that you have something new for them.

Well, it is quite simple to ping your blog manually to any site that offers ping service. It is as simple as typing your blog post url and press the enter key. Few popular names for the same are,, and

Blogs based on WordPress and Blogger has a built-in ping feature. So, your new blog post is broadcast automatically. However, this feature can also be configured to any blog and by doing so; your blog is pinged each time you update it.

There is a right way and the wrong way to do things, so is to ping a blog. Something to be considered seriously is not to ping your same post more than once, as it is considered ping spamming.

So there you are, now when you know the quick and easy way to get traffic to your blog, then go and try it yourself. Believe me, the results are worth your efforts!

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