Ghazal Alvi

Ghazal Alvi is a social media and business blogging consultant. She teaches small business owners, best-selling authors and highly dedicated women entrepreneurs how to build a powerful business brand through their blog and use online marketing and social media to communicate effectively to take their business to the next level.

She has an experience of 6+ years and worked with many top brands & international clients including with one of the fastest growing internet marketing company in India as a SEO and social media expert. In 2007, she decided to leave her corporate job as she was unable to look after her 2 year old daughter “Ariba” due to her busy schedule. Initially, she started her consulting business and within 2 years she took her business to new heights. She is the Co-founder and CEO of IV Technologies (P) Ltd., a company that provides strategic interactive marketing and online branding solutions to clients across the globe.

She blog regularly and help individuals, webmasters, small business owners and corporate groups to make most of their online efforts and to achieve the true online exposure they deserve.

To discuss how she can help you to build a powerful business brand through your blog, and take your business to the next level with her customized, cost effective solutions, contact her via Email – ghazal@seobloggingsolutions.com or visit http://www.seobloggingsolutions.com/contact/.


forbes riley

May 24, 2009 at 9:11 am

Dear Ghazal — we just became facebook friends — great timing as I am launching my first fitness product (SpinGym) and it debuts on TV on Discovery’s series PITCHMEN this wed nite May 27th at 10pm —
as you will see from the show — even though this is an amazing product, a traditional 2 min infomercial didn’t work —

so I have started a grass roots campaign — everyday I sell 10-20 by just putting them in people’s hands because it FEELS so much different than it looks – check out http://www.youtube.com (search Forbes Riley + Spin Gym) and watch the Fox news guys reaction…

blogging about people’s experience could change our business and affect so many people’s lives — so I just thought I would reach out to you here —

thanks for the facebook connect and best of luck on this exciting company (and not to mention your daughter — I have 6 yr old boy/girl twins and its the BEST!!


Ghazal Alvi

May 25, 2009 at 8:57 pm

Hey Forbes,

I would like to express my personal thank you for taking the time to participate in conversation on my blog. If you commented – you showed that you care!

Congratulations on launching SpinGym. I saw the video; SpinGym is more than just workout equipment. It is a flexible product with an insight.

I truly appreciate your time, efforts and concern.

All the best!

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