The Intelligent Way to Attract Search Engine Spiders

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The Intelligent Way to Attract Search Engine Spiders

It is interesting to know how a web search engine works. Understanding the whole process and implementing the vision will help you to be noticed by web crawlers along with your readers or prospective customers. Take a moment to answer the questions: How does a search engine presents’ search results? How do search engines notice a web page? As you might have guessed, Web spider is the exact answer.

In a nutshell, search engine spiders are software programs or pieces of codes. Web spiders are also known as web crawlers, search engine robots, web bots, etc. These are designed to collect necessary information, they look into content and links of web pages, and reports back to search engine.

Simply stated, the web spiders recognize plain text; they don’t understand images, frame, graphics or any other media files like flash. Hence, while using some images or media files you should provide related description (text) too, for e.g., it’s a nice thing to put alt image tag for the images on your website.

Quite simply, the purpose of web crawler is to collect as much information as possible from the internet and add that new content to search engine database. Updated content is the decent way to keep web crawlers coming back to your site. Now, this is the reason why blogs are indexed more frequently then static web pages. Characteristic of good blog is that it is updated on a regular basis.

Anyhow, each search engine has its own unique method or algorithm to capture sites’ information. That’s why search result for a particular site is not the same in every search engines. Always remember that policies change, depending on varying requirements of the spiders, one search engine may index your site due to the number of hits you are getting and another may be interested in your content and say another likes the links of your site..


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