Effective Ways to Find Leads from Facebook

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Effective Ways to Find Leads from Facebook

Lead generation is an essential element for any business, and for effective lead generation, it is important to find the right platform and reach out your target audience.

Facebook is way beyond just a social networking platform, if you know to use it wisely – Facebook can be an amazing business tool for any company, organization or brand of every size and industry!

Yes, Facebook can actually bring you the LEADS you are looking for.

Facebook is a busy place, FB users are active, interested to meet like-minded people/groups, they are keen to know new things, and many of them are eager to know the business updates.

Here are few ways to utilize Facebook and increase engagement and generate leads:

Your Cover Photo
When someone visits your Facebook page, your cover page is the most noticed thing, so make sure that your cover photo is well-optimized – it should be interesting, appealing and related to your niche.

Profile Picture
Clear, high resolution profile pictures showcase you as a professional. This is an opportunity, don’t miss the chance.

About Section
Give enough information about you; give your audience a good idea about your personality, your likes, your strengths, your passion etc.

Don’t Hard Sell
Don’t make all your posts/updates just about selling yourself, use a mix and match strategy – something share personal stories, share some funny images etc. Always take care while sharing the content and be clear with where are you sharing it – is it a personal profile, a business page, a closed group, etc., what could be the reactions and be ready to reply to the comments.

Think outside Facebook
Think creatively, think out of the box, and observe how you can channel your Facebook audience to your website, videos, products, offers, services, share customer’s reviews or client’s testimonials, and much more.

If you wish to have great sales, a good amount of qualified leads is a must have. I hope this information has helped you to get more lead using Facebook.

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5 Social Media Myths for Business and Professionals

Sharing content with thousands of people, just with a single click is the best thing that amaze all of us, and this is one of the reasons that we are attracted towards Social Media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, etc.

The increasing popularity of Social Media Sites, and the speed at which social media has develop has resulted in misunderstandings. With this Blog Article I wish to talk about some common myths about social media marketing and why you or your company should avoid them.

Common Social Media Myths 

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Real Time Social Media: What it can do for Your Business?

The era is all about Now, Today, current time – the REAL TIME!!!

Social networking sites and social media marketing are playing a key role in business growth. ‘Business’ and the way it is done are getting better and smarter, as the successful business geeks now knows and understand their target market, the smart entrepreneurs have mastered the skill of engaging their prospects by utilizing the power of real-time social media.

Real Time Social Media

Staying in the global conversation, real time dialogues and overall communication with customers is the mantra of big brands. In today’s’ cut-throat competitive world, companies have to work hard and survive in the competition. Thanks to the media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and the list goes on and on it makes the hard part simple and interesting.

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7 Social Media Mistakes Your Business Can’t Afford to Make

Social media platforms made it so easy to stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues and to network with many in very less time, right? Are you saying a yes to this question? Think again, well…. Yes it is quick to type few words or lines and the rest part…Yup the social media platform will do it. But, did you ever think whatever you post has an impact on your image.

And special care should be taken when you are a professional or representing a business group, may be your peers are watching you. As a professional or business owner, you would surely be on Facebook page and would also have a Twitter account, Linkedin etc, but after months of attention and efforts you still think that the marketing by social media are overstated.

Here are 7 social media mistakes you don’t even know you’re making:

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Social Media Marketing for Business: a Trend or a MUST?

Social media is the hottest craze among youth, professionals and every internet users! Social networks are here to stay, for sure. The social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Flicker are some good proof. They offer a great platform to stay in touch with your loved ones and audience, provide information, share content, photos, videos, etc, in a fun and easy way.

But the question is – Is this a MUST for companies and businesses?

Social media marketing is much more than just a trend!

A passionate entrepreneur has millions of questions, they are always curious how could they grow their businesses and sustain its success.

Well, Social Media is the exact solution for all such problems! It can actually help you to take your business to the next level.

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