Social Media and Advertising: Completely Different Things

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Social Media and Advertising: Completely Different Things

One of the best ways to get excellent exposure for your online business is Social media. It has the potential to grow a business and that’s one of the reason that social media has replaced traditional advertising to an extent.

Although, advertising is and will be an important element of any business, but social media is influencing online business.

Social media (as compared to advertising) offers a flexible platform for audience to share their thoughts. And for this particular reason, more and more people are getting involved in a conversation and give their opinion.

Now you might ask how the business marketing and advertising is affected by social media. Well, as you probably know that you can get noticed. Here are few more things that could help you to attain the right exposure you deserve through Social media:

Freedom to express – Social media sites are great to convey your message to larger group, anyone can share anything let it be the experience with particular product or services, or maybe a thought about political issue, or an advice for a common problem. Not just companies but their consumers also express their views to the world.

A better understanding of your customer from their feedback – In today’s fierce competitive world, you have to excel customer satisfaction, if you can not do that then be ready to be kicked from the market. For getting a good position in your market, you have to listen to your customers or potential clients and mould yourself to their expectations. Social media gives you the opportunity to get customers feedback.

Unleash the true fact – Social media sites gives a clear picture about any thing. But, advertising is full of fancy glitter stuff, which does not lead to any conclusion. Yes it is possible that you could reveal the truth of any business group, their products and services through social media.

My personal advice would be – participate in many social media sites but focus only on few, as it is better to improve quality first and then move for quantity.

Last but not the least: social media helps you to listen, talk, support and understand your prospects better and it even indicates the market trend. When SMO is practiced smartly, you can achieve your specific professional goals. Social media give you the chance to interact and build a strong relationship with like minded people.

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