Sales Letter Copywriting: Benefits of a Persuasive Sales Letter

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Sales Letter Copywriting: Benefits of a Persuasive Sales Letter

Sales letter is an influential letter targeting specific group of audience. Your sales letter main purpose is to persuade the prospects to buy your products or hire your services.

Apart from increasing the sales and introducing your product or services, there are many benefits of a sales letter as well. Few of them will be like:

•    Sales letters are a great way to get your readers attention. Adding a catchy headline is the most important part of sales letter copywriting. Keep in mind – AIDA, the copywriting formula, the very first ‘A’ of its, stands for attention, and headline is the first thing to be noticed by anybody. Hence, a sales letter can draw numerous new customers and motivate the existing clients to purchase from you again and again.

•    It showcases your professional skills and indicates your way of doing business. It boosts your credibility and enhance professionalism.

•    Make your potential clients aware about the benefits of your offer: provide testimonials, give your audience the freedom to relate on how you or your product/services helped others & how it can be beneficial to the one facing the same problem.

•    It helps to build trust. When you include an attention grabbing heading, the sales page showcases your proficiency, you also offer testimonials and give guarantee, then these things are enough to build trust.

•    Creates hope among prospects. You can do a lot with sales page, create a problem solving scenario, i.e. display a common problem faced by a group of people, but mention its solution which your product or service offer to them, it’s like how your offer make their life easy.

•    As a sales letter addresses the readers personally, it has a deep impact on them. Additionally, it should be delivered to the target market.

•    When you are offering a better solution to the problems of your readers then you are considered to be an expert in your niche.

I sincerely hope that next time when you write a sales letter for your product or services, you will take care of these important points in your writing. All the best!

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Paul Roekle

February 24, 2010 at 5:08 am

Interesting thoughts here. I had quite a time writing my sales letter. In fact I rather enjoyed it – I certainly learned a lot while making it. AIDA is a must, otherwise your visitors will quickly flee your sales page. Good post.

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