RSS Feed Marketing Tips: Top 10 RSS Feed Benefits

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RSS Feed Marketing Tips: Top 10 RSS Feed Benefits

Marketing with RSS feeds could be a boon to your online business. RSS contains headline, summary and hyperlinks of updated web content; hence your readers are informed automatically each time your blog or website is updated. Due to its flexible features, it is also referred as mini database.

Now tell me, don’t you wish to know more about RSS feeds? If your answer is yes, of course, then just get into RSS marketing potential.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and Rich Site Summary. It is simply XML based file format for updated news or content distribution.

Key benefits of including RSS feed is that it is free and easy way to promote a site/blog and its content. Neither it needs any complicated advertisers nor any other promoters to push your content.

Apart from these benefits, there are many more benefits of RSS feed marketing, let’s take a quick look:

1. It allows website owners/bloggers to automatically distribute the updated information.

2. Users have full control over the information they wish to receive – the RSS subscribers are free to unsubscribe any feed they won’t wish to receive further.

3. It is free and easy way to distribute content.

4. Reliable way to share content with prospective readers or potential clients.

5. Ensures the privacy of subscribers – As users are not joining email newsletters of a site, so there is no need to provide any personal information.

6. Helpful in search engine optimization and search engine marketing – when your content is syndicated and reached to many of your potential readers, then it have a strong effect on search engine positioning.

7. It saves time of website owner as it automates the whole process.

8. It increase traffic – this is another important SEO benefit of RSS feed marketing.

9. Branding Benefits – Sustains your online Brand

10. Notification of new products or services – RSS provide updated information, and if you are going to offer a new series of products or services then your followers are notified as soon as you mention it to your webpage.

Marketing with RSS feeds really worth your every effort, so go ahead and get your RSS feed spread your word. If you enjoy this post, please join my RSS feed.

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Mike Nolls

February 15, 2011 at 8:57 pm

I fully agree that more people need to take advantage of RSS feed sites. It’s excellent for backlink building and gaining new traffic for your website.

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