Podcast Promotion – Effective Strategies to Market a Podcast

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Podcast Promotion – Effective Strategies to Market a Podcast

Podcast is the new trend and it is continuing to grow in popularity. The rise of podcasts is, some-what similar to the rise of blogs.


How do people promote podcasts?

Well, podcast promotion is an art. You need a plan to promote your podcast. Taking some extra time and efforts to promote your show can be well worth it.

Good promotion is all about showing masses about the valuable piece of information your radio show or podcast is offering.

Here, with this blog post, I am sharing very basic yet most effective strategies to promote your podcast, no matter if you’re just starting out, or already have listeners and you wish to promote it to the next level.

So, are you ready to start promoting your podcast to thousands of new listeners? Then let’s get started…

Keyword-optimize your podcast listings – You should optimize your podcasts for search engines of each respective podcast. So consider this: the more search-friendly your podcast, the more people will find it, listen it and share it.

Transcribe the audio and publish it as a blog post – If you have a blog, do transcribe your audio to reach-out your blog audience, include the LINK of your podcast few times in between your blog post.

Utilize social media to get the word out – craft some appealing messages and share it on your social profiles.

Hashtags are powerful – make sure to include them in your podcast promotion.

Make sharing easy – tell people what to tweet or post on Facebook. You can include some pre-written tweets or messages to your websites, people will find it easy to share. Reshare the podcast episode multiple times a week, this will ensure new listeners coming to your podcast.

Create some Images/ graphics – I am a huge fan of visual content, anyone can quickly and easily look at an informative Image. Create an eye capturing graphic that will draw visitors attention and help gain more listeners, let them know that there is a new podcast available. Colorful graphics have become the signature to alert listeners that podcasts and RSS feeds are available.

Convert the audio (a short part) to a YouTube video – Technology is amazing, smart phones are really smart creation, we all love watching videos. Shoot a short video, talk about your podcast, what listeners can expect and give your audience a solid reason to come your podcast. Remember, you want to create curiosity, so don’t reveal the whole story!

Submit a press release to announce your podcast –Write a press release about the podcast – submit the release to free online press release directories. If you wish to have some additional benefits and features and if you can afford, publish your news story to Paid press release distribution sites, they’ll get your release published to the reputed sites like Google news, yahoo etc.

You have put generous amount of time to research and gather enough information regarding what to talk in your show, you might have include some guests or speakers too. After all the hard-work you’ve launched or made your podcast live – ready for the world to hear and get inspire. But, if you don’t promote it, it wouldn’t reach your audience.

Promote your podcast wisely; try to include things mentioned in this post to get maximum exposure. If you are very busy with some other stuff, ask for help – I’d love to connect with you all.

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