Permission to be ME! Hits Amazon Bestseller List

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Permission to be ME! Hits Amazon Bestseller List

I’m so happy today as my Superstar and International Business and Lifestyle Coach, Karie Millspaugh’s Debut book ‘Permission to be ME!’ is now Amazon Bestseller.

In the book, she showcased her own dramatic journey from depression to happiness and guided how any woman can transform herself into a strong, courageous and confident Goddess.

Permission to be me

‘Permission to be ME!’ would help the readers to recognize and eliminate the self-defeating illusions and self-limiting beliefs and the book will reveal the truth, show them that they are worth being known as Goddess.

The major concept of Karie’s book is to motivate, inspire and educate each and every woman or girl who wants to take control of their life and move ahead for a better existence.

Bestselling author – Karie Millspaugh says “my main objective is to give women all over the world permission to be themselves. Let them experience the freedom of being themselves without apology, without masks and without society painting a false pretense of what they think they should be.”

She further adds – “I want to show them how to create a business doing what they love, how to be authentic in a relationship, how to never stop chasing their dreams and to give themselves permission to love themselves first. I believe that true confidence shows up when you accept all of yourself, flaws and all.”

This promising book from Karie Millspaugh might serve as the perfect segway into more public appearances with the opportunity to transform more women into Goddesses. “Permission to be ME!” conveys the message for women all around the globe – they are unique, perfect, whole and complete just as they are. Which is why this makes a perfect gift for a woman.

Further information about Karie, her work and the opportunity to join her membership area for monthly workshops, audio downloads; support and much more can be found on Karie’s website –

“Permission to be ME!” is currently available at, and other online outlets.

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