Internal Linking: A Simple but Powerful SEO Method

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Internal Linking: A Simple but Powerful SEO Method

Internal link is simply a clickable link or a hyperlink to internal page of your blog/site. Links to internal pages is a smart way to show that you have interesting and relevant content throughout your blog.

As you probably know, this is one of the simplest ways to long-tail organic SEO. It can help you to achieve better search results.

But before we get into that, another important factor for natural search engine optimization is external linking. These are hyperlinks to other relevant sites. It is practiced for the reason that search engines pass value for a particular term used in linking. The point here is – internal links are also helpful for attaining the goal.

Internal links are not as valuable as that of external links, but still they have a deep impression. When dealt wisely, deep internal linking can help you to achieve better search results and its usability too.

The best examples of it are sites like and, these sites utilize the concept of internal linking brilliantly.

Let’s discover the skill of deep internal linking, the real how to do it:

You need to start with your site / blog analysis. Go through it category by category and section by section, find out the exact phrase that could be linked potentially to other internal page.

Make sure that this word serves as a keyword or key-phrase to (internally) linked page. You can hyperlink the same word 2-3 times but don’t overdo it as it may loose ethical SEO value. So, the change should look natural.

Here is the reason why internal linking is essential, as the readers are becoming more and more important to the search engines, so they have to be considered, you’ve to provide them with relevant content in order to stay ahead of your competitors. Every page of your site should have internal links that provides added information to the topic for further reference.

Well, as a matter of fact, internal linking makes your blog more interactive, user-friendly, and the best part is Search Engine spiders get links to crawl all over your blog.

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