Identify Your Target Niche Market: Know What Your Prospects’ Needs

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Identify Your Target Niche Market: Know What Your Prospects’ Needs

Whether you are growing a business, selling or marketing online – it is vitally important for you to identify your target customers and most importantly know what they actually needs.

The next step is to make sure you reach them, it is very important to get the right set of “eye-balls” to your website.

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You must understand that you make money by selling a product or service, but a product or service is not necessarily what your customer needs. What they need could be like ideas to make extra money, get higher education, professional counseling, or a solution to their most pressing issue – so identify your target niche market and most importantly know what your prospects want.

Here are few things you need to know about your customers

Who they are?
Their age, gender, and some of their interests or hobbies

What they do?
There is always a correlation between a person’s occupation and tastes or attitudes.

Why they buy?
What’s the real reason for what they buy.

When they buy?
Is there any specific time of the year, any particular weather conditions or season, some festive season, academics time, before vacation, think when are they buying.

What are they struggling with?
Think of new ways to “How to increase pleasure”, or “How to avoid their pain or worries”

How did they find you?
If you know where they came from you can actually go back to that channel for attracting more customers.

What they think about you?
When someone buy from you, get their feedback, what did they like about your product, service, book, event, or so.

I am sure – these questions will definitely lead you to know your customers well.

Let’s sum it up….
In any kind of business, you must be able to identify your target market to effectively create a better ad, newsletter, and overall marketing campaign.

So, when you begin to set up your campaign, you will have an idea on which direction to move to make it successful. You will reach people who are very interested in your product, services, or overall business – because you have researched a much target niche market.

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