How to Write a Press Release to Get Maximum Exposure

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How to Write a Press Release to Get Maximum Exposure

Press Release (PR) is certainly one of the best ways to get cost-effective publicity to promote your business.

With a good combination of command on English language and niche knowledge, you can create a press release that will draw a lot of attention. It will be right to say that it is a well structured News article.

Your PR should be very specific like:
•    It should deal with facts, with clear and direct news.
•    It is not an advertisement so – no fluff allowed.
•    It must address all “W” questions and offer information about what, when, where, who and why.
•    And last but not the least, correct grammar and vocabulary always impacts your credibility, so make it up to the mark.

Let me explain the basic structure of press release. The essential elements of a press release will cover:

Headline – This is the very first thing to grab readers’ attention. So, your headline itself should tell what a press release is all about.

Dateline – Dateline generally contains the release date, city and state of the press release.

Introduction – Quite simply, it’s like brief intro of press release, this provides answers to the questions of who, what, when, where and why. This section should be short and clear.

Body – This part deals with further details, information and background about the main news.

About or Boilerplate – A short about section provides information on the press release issuing organization, company or individual.

Close – ### symbol appears after about section and before contact information, this symbol shows that the release is ending.

Contact Information – Here comes the main purpose of your press release. Provide major contact information like person to contact, with his/her designation, mailing address, phone, fax, email and website address.

Best time to distribute press release is when you or your company is announcing something that has some news value. Announcement could vary from:

•    Launching a new product/ service
•    Announcing any financial news
•    Organizing an event
•    Tie-up or joint venture with another renounced firm
•    Starting a virtual seminar
•    Achieved an award.

The list goes on and on. But remember, the content should be news worthy.

I’d like to tell more about press releases, but it is a very vast topic. I will come up with more specific and detailed information very soon. So stay tuned, there’s much more coming on your way.


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