How to use Facebook to Boost Community Development

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How to use Facebook to Boost Community Development

Facebook community developmentMany individuals and businesses do have a presence on Facebook. Social networking sites offers amazing platform to meet like-minded people.

When it comes to build, engage and nurture their community – some Facebook pages and group does really well. With this article, let’s talk about how to thrive Facebook page or a group….


First thing first – success with Facebook can only be achieved if you know exactly what your objectives are, why you’re doing it, and how you’re going to measure the results.

Different objectives require very different approaches, and every community group has a completely different target audience. So, defining your “what” and “why” is very important.

Gathering a particular group of people together for bettering community development is a commendable goal, but it can be a challenge at times. With these tips, you can help your Facebook group come together in productive, meaningful ways to accomplish their common goal.

Here are 7 ideas for using social media, specifically Facebook to boost your group’s profile –

Name game
Have a winning name for your Facebook community page that clearly states the purpose of your community like – Making Jewelry with Real Flowers, St. Paul School Reunion – 1995 Batch, Ideas to Reuse old Household Stuff, Building a Tiny House, Healthy Meals for Picky Eaters, etc. You see, right from the name of the group, it is very clear what they are here for.

Provide sufficient information
While filling the forms, provide intro – short and long, mention award / honors / prizes / medals (if any), Website URL, etc so that you or your group attracts right people.

Ask questions
When your group have enough people, try asking questions, get their opinion on a particular topic. Just make sure to stick with the objective of your group. Never post something that might hurt your people’s sentiments.

Post links to the community’s wall
Do post some links to any blog/ pinterest pins/ interesting news that goes with the common interest of your group members like – articles titled ’10 Things to Know About Newborns’, ‘A Guide for First-Time Parents’ can be posted in a group that is dedicated for ‘New Parents’.

Keep growing your group
Attract real people with interesting content, visual content like pictures, graphs, charts and info-graphics also do well. Make it easy to share your posts, invite new people and allow the engagement.

Facebook live
Go LIVE on Facebook, its fun. These short videos will bring the much needed fresh energy to your community page, people love videos, they show the real YOU.

Facebook group success

Facebook Insights
Review your efforts and observe what type of posts your community likes, boost them with what they want. Analysis is always good, it will give you an idea what to change and where to move.

These days Facebook, other social networks and online forums are playing a huge role in building communities. There are endless ways to how you can use social media to inspire people to get involved in community life. Are you utilizing them to the fullest?

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