How to Submit Your Article to Google News: 5 Tips for Better Ranking

It is a proven marketing method that if you are in news then you get good exposure. Getting your online content listed or published in Google news will not only get you the coverage, but it will also boost targeted traffic to your site.

But do you know “how to submit your content to Google News?”

The best place to find niche-specific news and quality articles is none other than Google news. But, getting there isn’t that easy. There are few sets of rules that an article or news must follow.

Google news is constantly updated with latest stories that have a news hook. Selection of a headline for Google news homepage, an article, a press release or a video is entirely depended on algorithm.

Here are some major points to be considered before submitting your website, article or news to Google news.

Original and fresh content – Along with news stuff, the content of your website should be original and fresh. Google likes new and informative content, so this one is essential.

Website appearance – From the appearance of your homepage, it should be clear about what niche or industry does it relate to.

Web pages – WebPages like About us and Contact us should have clear information about the organization/company, the concerning person to contact and genuine contact information.

Images – If you include images with news article, optimize them by providing alt tag with relevant keywords. It is good to have image in your article as it is observed that articles with significant images are better than articles without images.

Article format – Article must include author name, date of publication, it should be well-categorized. The title should not exceed the limit of 25 words. And finally, it should be persuasive and compelling for readers to click and it should have the capability to create the eagerness to know more about the subject.

Another important thing is to sustain the readability of the article, so make sure not to include any advertisement or any other element within the article that interrupt the focus of readers.

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