How to Plan and Promote a Blog Contest

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How to Plan and Promote a Blog Contest

As you probably know, a blog contest is a simple and quick way to boost blog traffic. And best of all, for almost every topic you could imagine, there is a blog exists. But unfortunately, very few bloggers know about the correct way to run a blog contest.

Today I am going to share some tips that will help you to plan and promote your blog contest. Hopefully, with these tips you can make your contest a big success.

Identify your objectives and spare some time to think about what you want to achieve with this blog contest. I mean to say, is it traffic, or comment, or links or something else? It is very important to plan and move forward accordingly.

Make your contest simple and easy. A simple blog contest with ease in entry will welcome large number of contestants.

Have a definite start and end date. Don’t make your contest too long that it boredoms the readers. If you wish to maintain the curiosity and excitement of blog contest, it should not exceed a month. After all, 2 to 3 weeks blog contests works best.

Offer remarkable prizes. Cool prize(s) are the best thing to attract people. Remarkable prize provide readers a strong reason to get involve and participate in the contest. So, offer hottest prizes and enjoy the traffic and participants coming to your blog.

Now, when you are done with planning phase, it’s the time to look into the ways to promote your blog contest:

Social media sites can be used as promotion tools. Sites like twitter and Facebook can make your blog contest a big success. People like share interesting information and they love to win prizes too. Your message could go viral within a day as many will re-tweet your contest message.

Write a press release and let the world know about your blog contest. Press release is the most excellent way to get the right exposure, it offers cost-effective publicity. There are many free press release distribution sites, make use of it and publish your news.

Remember, if you wish to make your blog contest successful, it should be designed well and in addition to that, people should know about it.

So, take advantage of tips and techniques mentioned above. Although, I try to point out most of the things to make your blog contest a big success, however, if you have any other innovative suggestions regarding blog contest; you are welcome to mention those in comments section below.

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Contest Spy | James

December 12, 2010 at 3:40 am

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If you have a chance Ghazal perhaps you could include the blog in your post as a source of free promotion?

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