How to Localize Your Search Marketing

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How to Localize Your Search Marketing

It’s a fact: Internet provides the opportunity for brands to reach customers all across the world. But is it equally good for the businesses that just need local customers or neighboring network? Well, would you trust me if I say YES? Actually, it is!!!

Local search Marketing is the term that does it all.

According to experts “An effective local search campaign has to focus on sending clear signals indicating the relationship between the website/business and the locations they would like to target.”

Local SEO
Here are few simple local search marketing tips you can use to take control of your local traffic and local search results:

List your business in local directories – Look for and have a presence at online local directories that offer business listings and linking opportunities.  This will help ensure that your local customers can find you.

Put your full physical mailing address along with local phone number on your website – On your website, be sure to publish your local phone number and your mailing address. Doing this will help your business in couple of ways. It reinforces your location to the people visiting your website, and it also helps the search engines identify your location so they can display your site in relevant local searches.

Don’t miss map listings – Be sure to build your profiles in Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, etc. You can attract local prospects by adding photos and videos, and do tag them with the appropriate keywords.

Localize your keywords – Use a blended version of your main keyword(s) with your location. This is a wise way you can show up in the search results whenever local customers need the products and services offered by you and your business/company. For example, let’s say you’re a child counselor in California. You could use keywords like “child counseling in California,” “California child counselor,” and so on. Put these keywords in your Title Tags, website copy, and backlinks.

I hope these tactics will help you to get your business some good local search presence. And if you find yourself overwhelmed by the world of Local Search, help is literally right at your fingertips.

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