How to Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes

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How to Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes

Happy New Year to all my readers…

There is no doubt that no one can deny the importance of social media and this trend will continue in 2014 and beyond. Here are few simple yet powerful steps that will play an important role in your social media engagement.

increase facebook likes
Focus on engagement as much as you can. Visit other facebook pages and if you’re a local business, visit local pages and like their content, provide feedback etc so that others would be more likely to like and share your content.

Always make sure that whether you’re a business, but always try to be perceived more than a marketing company, establish yourself as a source of information. It will help your facebook page to become a vital source in your niche.

Get your current customers onboard for example, as you put your physical address and phone number, wherever possible, make the effort to get your Facebook fan page URL too.

Always mention your facebook fan page URL on printed receipts, sales orders etc including bags and other packaging materials.

Also mention your facebook fan page URL in your email signature etc. The idea is how you can get the word out among your current and potential customers.

Create interactive content exclusively for sharing on facebook. Create new tabs/album on your facebook page. Also, if you’ve testimonials or other things, create jpg from those and share them on your facebook page.

In addition, always let you fans know what you’re up to. I mean to say, if your business/company is sponsoring something locally be it soccer club team or some sort of community participation, always post the same about it before the event, post on the day of the event and post pictures afterwards the completion to create maximum buzz.

In the same manner, you can celebrate your local/national event on your facebook fan page.

Offer coupons and discounts especially to those who have liked your facebook fan page. It will encourage others to like your page to take advantage of this opportunity.

To create more buzz, show off your product images which are ready to be shipped from your store. It will help you to ignite the passions of people.

Run a contest with small prizes especially for local businesses. You’ll have to run your contests in such a way that local people will dig it further to redeem it locally/immediately.

In addition to the above things, be consistent, post on a regular basis, in this way you provide more reasons for your fans to connect. The secret is when you share the right post, at the right time, through a wise mix and match of eye-catching images with an authentic voice which represents your true brand.

At the same time, it is a good idea to include call to action. Remember, the most interactive Facebook page in any niche is which has latest information not only about their company or business, but also what’s happening in their niche.

So, the conclusion – to gain fans and followers locally and to increase Facebook page engagement and to attract new prospects, you should be creative, be real, and be consistent with the approach. Try to find out what work best for you and take action accordingly.

Wishing you all lots of success and happiness in 2014!!!

Ghazal Alvi

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