Discover the Magic of NoFollow Links

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Discover the Magic of NoFollow Links

While optimizing a website for search engines, on-page and off-page search engine optimization factors go hand in hand. It’s a fact that link building is one of the major features in SEO techniques. Hence, do-follow links and no-follow links are always an issue of debate among webmasters.

Nofollow was introduced by Google in 2005 with the intention to minimize commenting spam. Practically there is nothing like do follow, I mean there is no dofollow tag or attribute, but the absence of nofollow attribute is commonly known as do-follow.

Having a rel = “nofollow” (attribute) within any HTML tag is the clear indication to search engines that your link should not be counted as a Backlink.

No-follow links are valuable in a way that if you link to relevant sites then you get direct and targeted traffic from those links. But, it’s equally important to remember that the value of a webpage depends on many more things other than links. Like, the power of your content can never be underestimated as unique, informative and fresh content is a powerful online tool to magnetize readers and prospects.

Linking to sites with high traffic can bring you the online visibility and boost your brand; this could be an added advantage of no-follow links.

Different search engines treats no-follow attribute differently, as it totally depends on their algorithm. However, search engines especially Google do not crawl; index or influence the link target’s ranking of the webpage containing no-follow attribute.  However, truth be told, search engine never disclose what strategy they adapt to rank a particular website, blog or any webpage.

Last but not the least, dofollow links always offers more link juice for any site or blog, but having a link on nofollow site is not worthless either, in fact, it has a long term value in terms of traffic, networking and leads.

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Greta Cedillos

March 13, 2012 at 1:23 pm

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