Copywriting Tip: Keep it Short and Simple

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Copywriting Tip: Keep it Short and Simple

It is a well known fact – “Web readers do not read your copy, they simply scan your copy”. A lengthy copy with mixed messages is sure to turn off your readers. There is a great impact of short, clear and simple copy.

Now comes the right question – How to achieve it?

Well, it is simple enough. Knowledge, efforts and practice makes it possible. Yes, you can also write website content, blog posts, articles or anything like a pro!

Here are some suggestions that you should consider to make your copy short:

Make your copy clear: Break your lengthy paragraphs and long sentences into shorter one. Provide a good space between two paragraphs, make your copy clear. This will enhance readability and your copy could be easily scanned by web readers.

Use simple language: Create a feeling that you are talking to your prospects. Make sure that your language is easily understood. Avoid jargons or heavy terminology, unless it is necessary.

Use short paragraphs: Believe me; short paragraphs keep your readers engaged.

Focus on facts: Stay on your main idea – start powerfully, organize it well, and finish it with the topic itself. Don’t let your readers distract.

Speak in the language of your prospects: You’ve to make sure that your copy must deliver the message that you would like to convey to your readers. So, it would be more appealing if you write in your prospects language.

Here’s the most important part – lengthy and confusing copy will boredom your prospects. Whereas, short and engaging copy holds readers interest. It’s all up to you which way to choose.

The bottom line is to say your thoughts in simple and easy manner.

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Jerry Crockford

December 16, 2010 at 12:16 am

Hi from Brisbane, Australia.

Yep, I agree. YOU MUST keep it simple!

I forget who it was, (Hemmingway?) but someone once said “I would have written you a shorter letter, but I didn’t have time”. It is so true!

Writing SIMPLE copy (Or, as some say, ‘dumbing it down’), is a real challenge. Jargon is just so easy to slip into, and you can lose your readers in a flash.

Interesting observation.

Or should I say, “great article”!

Jeremy Crockford.

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