AIDA – The Copywriting Formula!

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AIDA – The Copywriting Formula!

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As there are some set of rules for doing a particular thing, so is with copywriting. The AIDA formula is one of the important things you need to know for writing an effective, compelling and powerful copy.

When I say copy, yes it works for all – news releases, sales letters, web pages, advertisement, etc.

Undoubtedly, AIDA is time-tested and proven formula. It is also known as sales-making technique. Wanna know more about it?

OK, now what does AIDA stands for? Here is the answer: A is for attention, I is for interest, D is for desire, and A is for action. Each initial plays an important role and is a must, in a good copy.

Let us jump into details –

Attention comes first. Users want quick and easy things. You have to grab prospects attention and it should be impressive enough to attract them to read further.

Headline is the very first thing to be noticed in your copy. Your headline can make the real difference. So make it strong.

Interest is the next important factor. Once you have acquired reader’s attention, you should know to hold their interest.

Provide some relevant facts; let them know how you can help, offer a solution to their problem.

Desire is an important issue. Talk about benefits, give real examples. As you probably have heard, befits sells and not features.

Make them aware about how your suggested solution can make their life easy.

Action is the last but the most important phase of this process. Now you should do something that one should literally say yes I want this product, or I want to get updated information regarding the same.

This is where a passing by reads can turn into actual buyers. We can even say it. Whether you are selling a product or building a list, if your prospects wish to take desired action it is call to action (form your side).

Don’t forget to make it simple for your readers – How to order, enroll or so on.


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