Blog Post Writing Tips: Short Blog Posts Hold the Interest of Readers

How long should a blog post be? Or
What should be the length of a good blog post?

This is one of the most common questions asked when Blog and blogging is discussed. So, with this post, I’m trying to address this common issue.

But, before jumping into details, let me clear one thing – there is no fixed length of a blog post. It totally depends on the knowledge of Blogger, how he/she describes a particular topic. Anyhow, 250 to 500 words post is considered a good length and in addition to that, it is the most practiced style.

Relatively short blog posts allow you to:

  • Stay focused – As you are set to write a short post, so with limited words you get a good chance to convey your clear and direct message to readers without distracting them from the focus.
  • Save time – Short post are great when you run out of time, give an intro of latest news of your industry and you can cover the story in your upcoming blog post or you can even link it to a high PR news site, where detailed news is covered.
  • Develop your writing skill – It is not necessary to write a long detailed post every time. Instead, it is more important to write on a regular basis. In fact, quality and quantity should have a good balance. So by writing regularly, apart from its length, will give you the opportunity to grow your writing skill.
  • Use bullets points and number lists – As it is repeatedly said, net readers do not read, they are smart enough to scan. Bullets and numbered list allows your prospects to scan your content, so go ahead – use your imagination and incorporate them in your writing.
  • Offer better readability with proper break and structure – Breaking lengthy paragraphs into sentences and long sentences into short, helps a lot. It is lighter on eye providing better readability. Readers actually like it.
  • Use numbered posts like 10 tips.. or 7 effective ways to… – Such post are timeless, evergreen blog posts. It is simple to write and helps to attract more readers.

Bonus Tip

  • Thoroughness – You should know your topic well. This is only reason why one would come to your blog, read your content and appreciate it. Make sure you cover the related issues, like some common problems and its significant solutions.

It is advised to write a mix and match of all sized blog post to show your interest and knowledge about a particular topic. Short post is a simple way to encourage readers to read, enjoy and keep them coming again and again to your blog.

Last but not the least, sometimes it takes many paragraphs to say something exceptional, but many a times it can be done with just a few sentences.

So, the idea here is to justify the thought and convey the exact meaning to your targeted audience. Do a systematic research and then write a post that influences the readers.

Hope it helps. Happy Blogging!

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