Avoid these 5 Copywriting Mistakes to hold Readers Interest

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Avoid these 5 Copywriting Mistakes to hold Readers Interest

Copywriters are skilled writers; they are hired for writing compelling and creative text for web and offline media as well. Web copywriter generally, transforms ideas into text/words to promote a concept, business or to sell products/ services.

But, as the old saying goes like “Nobody is perfect” and so are copywriters. A proficient copywriter can possibly make common mistakes. And these mix ups are surprisingly easy to fix.

Let me present a list of common mistakes made by most of the copywriters at one time or another.

#1 Dull Headline

Headline is a very strong tool that must be used wisely.

It should address audience problem(s); it should be attention grabbing, create curiosity and finally it should entice the reader with a strong reason why he should continue to read further.

#2 Too Much Detail or a Summary

Copywriting rule of thumb is to ‘be specific’.

If you provide long copy with too much detail, it will probably turn off your readers. But, if you say it in very short, then your readers might think that they are missing some information.

So, offer sufficient information to grab their attention and hold their interest, but not too much information that they get bored.

#3 Focusing on Yourself and Forgetting your Market

Often, we talk much about I and me rather than our audience, our target market.

Prospects are more interested to know how a product/service can be beneficial to them. Remember, “what’s in it for me?” factor.

In short, provide value to customers. Make them aware that how your product or service can make their life easy.

#4 Unorganized Copy

An organized copy is effective copy.

Short sentences and small paragraphs are easy to read and understand. You should break long copy into small sections. Breaking should be done smartly, prospect doesn’t feel like he’s missing something. There should be smooth transition between sections.

#5 Ignoring the Importance of Fresh and Updated Content

Fresh updated content is loved by visitors and search engines as well.

Keeping your web content fresh and unique engages your readers and even contributes in building trust.

That’s it, now by avoiding these little but very common mistakes, you can make your copy more strong.

So, test out your web copy and check for these mistakes. You’ll be glad to correct these deadly blots.

It’s best if you keep learning from your own mistakes and move ahead to success path.

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June 4, 2009 at 11:20 am

I really enjoyed this post about copywriting mistakes. Thank for the tips

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