9 Proven Steps to Boost Readability of Your Blog

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9 Proven Steps to Boost Readability of Your Blog

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Web readers don’t read the whole web page, surprising, isn’t it? But, yes that’s true!

Online visitors are curious; they simply scan web pages to get relevant information.

No matter, how valuable information you are providing, but, if it is not readable, than it’s easy for your readers to just leave your site or blog. Design & Layout does affect the readability.

Now, here’s some important stuff that will increase readability. Not only this, but it will also impress your readers to visit again and again to your site or blog.

Background Must Contrast With Text Color – If the background is dark and the text color is also of dark shade, it is almost impossible to read content. Make it easy to read by simply contrasting background with text color

Font Type and Size – Clear font gives web page a tidy look. It is effortless to read and understand matter written in simple font rather than an extra stylish one. Remember that every font appears differently for different use i.e., online and offline. Let me explain it with an example. Certain fonts are good for offline invitation or personal online message. But same font could appear unprofessional for online use. And yes, let’s not forget that right font size enhances trouble-free reading.

Correct Your Grammar and Spelling – Proof read your content. Correct grammar and spelling makes your online copy more effective and it even showcases your proficiency. That’s why; misspelled words and grammatical errors are certainly not the characteristics of a good blog. Be sure to use spell and grammar check tools for correcting such errors.

Paragraphs – Write short paragraph, express one idea per paragraph. Thumb rule for web is ‘less is more’. Lengthy paragraph will turn off your readers. Bottom line is, they would loose interest and skip your web page.

Headlines and Sub-Headings – It is the heading that tells readers – what is the story all about, fair enough. Headlines and sub-headlines should be interesting and direct. So make it short and clear.

Highlight Keywords – Your keywords relates you with your niche. Highlighting them is a good idea for making it noticeable by readers and search engines as well.

Bulleted Lists –This is the best thing to organize massive information. Online users just love bulleted points that can be ordered and unordered lists. Information in list format is easy to write, read and scan.

Say it in Inverted Pyramid Style, Start with the Conclusion – Speak to your readers rather than forcing them read your whole stuff. Let them know the main point quickly and maintain the interest throughout.

Bold and Italicize the Main Extract – Bolding and Italicizing makes text eye catching. It grabs the attention, use it but ensure you don’t overdo it.

Consider this fact, if worked out wisely, then design and content compliment each other.

Of course, there are many other things to be considered, including providing a conclusion or checklists for lengthy copy, writing effectively for SEO, and the list goes on.

However, your aim should be on building a trustworthy readership by holding readers interest, making them coming back again to your site or blog.

If you’ve any other suggestions regarding design and layout, I’d love to know your comments.


Georgia D

June 18, 2009 at 8:03 am

Thanks for the very useful info. I’m just about to launch a blog, so this is all pertinent.

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