5 Social Media Myths for Business and Professionals

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5 Social Media Myths for Business and Professionals

Sharing content with thousands of people, just with a single click is the best thing that amaze all of us, and this is one of the reasons that we are attracted towards Social Media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, etc.

The increasing popularity of Social Media Sites, and the speed at which social media has develop has resulted in misunderstandings. With this Blog Article I wish to talk about some common myths about social media marketing and why you or your company should avoid them.

Common Social Media Myths 
Myth #1
You Have to be on Every Social Platform
With so many social media platforms you must research and decide to have your presence on only those who fits your requirements. The best place or social sites would certainly be those where you have your target audience.

Myth #2
Size Does Matter – who said so?
Well – Quality trumps quantity. It’s always better to have 1,000 online connections that are responsive – who reads, likes, shares and get involves in the conversation about your content than 50,000 connections who disappears after connecting with you the first time.

Myth #3
Social Media Replaces all other Marketing
Social media is not a replacement of any marketing or sales tactics. Social media is much more than just for promotional and marketing purpose. Promotional messages are an important component in your social media strategy, but creating content and conversations that add value should be the goal. To be effective however, content published and promoted via social media needs to be created with the audience in mind.

Myth #4
Do NOT get Personal on Social Media
People who are connected with you, or are willing to buy your products or get your services – they also want to know the real YOU. There are REAL people behind your company, don’t be afraid to show that in a unique way, share pictures of your staff, your work place, and do let your tribe know about your interests, share links to latest trends/news content that you find interesting … even if it’s not related to your industry.

Myth #5
Ignore Negative Feedback
It’s important to be active on your social media profiles, manage your brand reputation wisely. Every feedback counts… even if it is negative. Responding to customers will demonstrate that you’re paying attention to the feedback, recognized that there is some issue that should be taken care, and showed the world how important your customers are to your business.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing can be a helpful tool for building brand awareness and also help you stay connected and engaged with your prospects and customers. So, don’t let these Common Social Media Myths discourage you. Let me say this at the end – sharing, caring and nurturing great relationships lasts beyond “the sale.”

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