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What is Video Marketing?

Well, the simplest way to define video marketing is ‘marketing with videos’, yes incorporating videos in marketing process of any product or service is a broad way to explain video marketing. Online video or web video marketing is not a new term for online businesses, but it is certainly a powerful tool and we cannot deny the fact that it still continues to evolve over time.

Video emails, video newsletter, video ads, video search marketing, video branding, video business cards, video streaming, etc… these are few things to look into and not to mention it is something that makes your business a distinctive identity, with these you and your business can stay ahead of competition, no matter what your niche is.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

Well, there are countless benefits for videos in business marketing, due to which it is the most popular marketing tool. But, if I’ve to name some of them, here are 10 benefits:

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Google Wallet: The Innovative Payment Technology

When it comes to search engine marketing and online advertising, Google is undoubtedly the leader! But it seems like it’s just a start…Google is now all set for Google Wallet – an innovative application that will revolutionize mobile payment system. It will reinvent the way we pay for things. Through Google Wallet we can actually tap, pay and save using our mobile phone.

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