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What to Expect from a Press Release Marketing Campaign

Press release or a news release is a well-written news article to inform your target market what’s new at your end. A press release marketing campaign is capable to provide you the exposure you deserve, it establishes credibility of a firm or an individual, it helps to build business brand identity, and the list is almost endless.

A business press release campaign means a better communication with media and obviously your target audience. It also helps to achieve your business goals. But, the power of news release will only work when it is written and delivered correctly to the right audience at the RIGHT TIME and with the right message.

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Capabilities of SEO Copywriting

As the name suggest, SEO copywriting is a fine blend of search engine optimization factors with copywriting features in a copy.

Search engine copywriting is a high quality content meant for human as well as search engines. It should not compromise the flow and at the same time, it must have targeted keywords with a combination of few-long tail keywords and some relevant inbound links.

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