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Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid – Part II

In my previous post of this sequence, I’ve shared some of the most common seo mistakes. A successful seo campaign must keep an eye on such silly mistakes that might spin the whole picture and land you nowhere.

This is the continual part of that post and here I am going to discuss 5 more seo mistakes. So let’s jump into it quickly, without wasting any time, here is the list:

Google Shows Facebook Pages in Search Results

We all love Facebook! Not only individuals like it, but it is now preferred by professionals and is one of the best lead generation resources for your business. According to a study nearly 200 million people around the world are participating on Facebook and nearly 500,000 new people are on Facebook everyday.

Social networking sites are great to create a buzz, to share and they are superb to connect with your friends, family, prospects and clients. The best part is Google now shows Facebook pages in its search results.

Business Blog: Take Your Business to the Next Level

There are thousands of benefits to consider a blog for your business. According to a rough estimate, more than 100,000 Blogs are updated everyday. Such an explosive stats is a strong reason to start a business blog as soon as you can.

Business blog is one of the most effective marketing tools when used correctly. If you are yet to start a blog, with this post you’ll discover how a professional blog can take your business to the next level.