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How to Submit Your Article to Google News: 5 Tips for Better Ranking

It is a proven marketing method that if you are in news then you get good exposure. Getting your online content listed or published in Google news will not only get you the coverage, but it will also boost targeted traffic to your site.

But do you know “how to submit your content to Google News?”

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What You Should Know About Search Engine Spiders

It’s a fact that in present times, we are very much dependent on internet and web technologies. Everyday, people from all parts of the globe use internet for getting the information about almost everything. There are actually millions of websites for a particular topic. Search engine spiders follow a set of rules, more commonly known as algorithm, makes it possible to index and get the top search ranking to the best webpage among all.

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10 Effective WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

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WordPress offer a huge variety of functionality that makes it one of the best blogging platforms. Plugin functionality and feature is the strongest reason why it is the first choice of bloggers.

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available for different requirements. WordPress plugins can be downloaded, installed and use absolutely free. Here is a list of 10 useful WP plugins; I would say these are ‘a must’ for any WordPress blog:

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