Monthly Archives: January 2010

How to Find a Profitable Niche in Few Easy Steps

As you may have noticed – finding a niche market and creating products and services based on it, is the craziest thing happening on the internet. Interestingly, every product creator or a service provider claims to offer the best unleashed elements in their own niche market.

10 Ethical SEO Techniques You Must Implement

As a well known saying – success is a process, not a destination; it’s true and so is with search engine optimization.

SEO is a process, and as we all know that search engines change their algorithm frequently, so a SEO expert has to learn, research, test and refine his/her strategies. But before we go any further I want to set something straight; ethical SEO technique is something that boosts natural search engines rankings.

Homepage Copy: Do’s and Don’ts

Good copywriting does matter throughout the website. Creative copy is a powerful tool that reflects your expertise. And, don’t forget that your home page is the very first page of your website typically noticed by human readers and search engines. For all these reasons, it is essential to take special consideration and craft a relevant copy accordingly.

We all know that your homepage copy should be easy to understand and navigate. Not to forget, keyword placement must be in a natural manner. Apart from this, there are many do’s and don’ts for any homepage, keeping that in mind, I’ve prepared a list to share with you all.