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Copywriting Tip: Keep it Short and Simple

It is a well known fact – “Web readers do not read your copy, they simply scan your copy”. A lengthy copy with mixed messages is sure to turn off your readers. There is a great impact of short, clear and simple copy.

Now comes the right question – How to achieve it?

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15 Ways to Encourage Comments

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There are so many ways that you must aim to make it easy for your readers to join the conversation on your blog to make it much more interactive.

As you allow and encourage your readers to comment, it helps you to reap lots of benefits as it increases your community and build solid relationships with your visitors.

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Professional Results with WordPress

Category : Blogging

WordPress is certainly the first choice of bloggers and people looking for free blogging software. As you probably know that it is both a blog publishing application and content management system.

And in addition to that there are numerous themes both free and paid, templates and plug-ins which make WordPress blogging – incredibly easy yet powerful, as it gives maximum leverage for your efforts as far as ranking is concerned. Due to this reason WordPress is one of the most preferred method of creating and publishing content online.

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Discover How to Proofread in 10 Simple Steps

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Category : Copywriting

One of the great feature of error-free copy is it certainly leaves a good impression.  And it is only possible with right proofreading. Typos have an effect on your copy and so do your business, so deal them smartly.

Your content serve as the foundation of your marketing strategy, so while writing your copy do take care of these steps:

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Internal Linking: A Simple but Powerful SEO Method

Internal link is simply a clickable link or a hyperlink to internal page of your blog/site. Links to internal pages is a smart way to show that you have interesting and relevant content throughout your blog.

As you probably know, this is one of the simplest ways to long-tail organic SEO. It can help you to achieve better search results.

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