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AIDA – The Copywriting Formula!

As there are some set of rules for doing a particular thing, so is with copywriting. The AIDA formula is one of the important things you need to know for writing an effective, compelling and powerful copy.

When I say copy, yes it works for all – news releases, sales letters, web pages, advertisement, etc.

Great Headlines Makes Great Copy

No matter what you are composing – website content, sales letter, mini site, advertisement, press release, article, blog post, etc – there is a common factor among all that really matters and it is your Headline.

Let me ask you this question: Do you read each and every word of a news paper or any website you visit? Well, we all know the answer, it’s a straight No. But yes, most of us read the headlines and if there’s any interesting headline, we further read the whole article, right or not? So, headline determines whether your article is worth reading or it is just another piece of useless text.