20 Newsworthy Reasons for Press Release

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20 Newsworthy Reasons for Press Release

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In my last post how to write a press release, I promised to come up with some more information regarding this series.

Now in this post, I’m going to talk about important newsworthy reasons for your PR.

But before that, if you think what you could do with a news release, just ask yourself the following questions:

Don’t you wish to be discovered, personally or as a business group?
Does your business have something new and useful?
It might be a NEWS for your readers.

Yes, you get it right; it is the time to publish a press release.

The more your business is in news, the more exposure it will gain. There are times when you wish to send out a press release. But, you are completely puzzled about the topic to be covered in your press release.

So, here are some great press release ideas for you. You need a pr when:

1.    Introducing a new product
2.    Starting a new business
3.    Announcing a partnership or joint venture
4.    Launching a website
5.    Achieving a major milestone
6.    Receiving an award
7.    Showcase celebrities that use your product or service
8.    Introducing a unique business strategy/approach
9.    Sponsoring a workshop/seminar/business show
10.    Changing the company or product name
11.    Announcing free information available
12.    Announcing a public debate
13.    Expanding the business
14.    Setting up a customer support group
15.    Announcing the results of research or surveys you have conducted
16.    Being mentioned in a book or article
17.    First person thoughts about people using your services/ product
18.    Updated financial plans and forecasts
19.    Create an award to honor individuals in the community
20.    Opening branch offices

Every organization has something that’s worth publishing as news. You just have to lookout for the right angle. A well-crafted press release promotes the current developments in your business. So, go for it!


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