10 Press Release Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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10 Press Release Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Press release is an excellent way to get targeted traffic, right exposure, quality links and it even helps to build your online brand. But some silly mistakes can make your press release worse. Believe me; it could have a negative impact on your overall marketing and business.

Here are some press release errors and few suggestions to avoid such mistakes:

1.  Lengthy sentences – A sentence should not exceed 25 words. If it exceeds this limit, then it loses readers interest. Be professional, use short but complete and clear sentences in your press release.

2.  Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes – It is good to use automated spellchecker but to ensure your press release is error free; it should be proofread manually too. Grammatical and spelling mistakes in your press release will indicate lack of professionalism.

3.  Keyword stuffing – Press release must showcase news with regular flow and natural keyword placement. Too much keyword in a news release makes it unreal and over-optimized.

4.  Press release or an advertisement? – Many times a press release reads like an advertisement. Keep in mind, press release is a mode to pass your information to your audience through journalist. Journalists are not your prospects, so it should not be like an advertisement.

5.  Not providing sufficient content – An ideal press release contains 300-500 words. Writing less than 300 words or more than 500 words is not a good practice.

6.  Contact information – This is the most important part of your press release. Make sure that you include enough genuine information with the intention that readers will be able to contact you. So, it is better to provide name and designation of the concerned person along with mailing address and phone number.

7.  Not providing link for getting further information – It is good to provide a link so that the interested readers of your press release can go through the whole fancy story about the topic, at your website or so. The link goes like: for more information please visit – www.SEOBloggingSolutions.com (replace the domain name with your own website).

8.  Neglecting the answers to W questions: who, what, when, where and why – This is a must, it is the basic requirement for any press release, every single person who reads your release is interested to know answer of who, what, when, where and why questions regarding the subject of your news release.

9.  Using selling words – This is again a reminder that a press release should be written in plain and neutral language, as it focuses news and goes for journalists.  It is strictly advised to avoid sales language and selling words like cheapest, free, best, etc.

10.  Forgetting to mention release date – This may sound illogical, but people actually forget to mention the release date and this factor can even reject your press release from publication house. Before sending your release, check that you have dated your press release.

These are the most common press release mistakes. Avoiding these errors, while writing a news release will definitely help you get a better response.

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