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How to…

How to Research Your Business Competitors by Your Own?

In any business, it is very important to understand your market and your competitors. Knowing your competitors and what they are offering helps you to make your products, services and marketing stand out, and NOBODY wants to be left behind by the competition!!!

Competitor research

According to Wikipedia - “Competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. Competitor analysis is an essential component of corporate strategy.”

How to Choose the Best Business Name?

Name for a business is much like a backbone for a human being… its crucial!!! So, choosing the perfect business name is vitally important but at the same time it can be a complicated process, often it is an overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting experience.

Choosing a business name
With this thought in mind, here are few suggestions for anyone who is starting his/her new business and in search of that perfect business name….

Effective SEO Shift for Long Term Success!

We the people, who own a business and believe in online presence, are making a big Mistake!

Aren’t we still depending on the old SEO Practices? We update the content on our websites and blogs, but follow the same rules as in 2010 or so – Yes or no? Ahhh, we know the answer very well, right? It’s high time to make a Shift in our SEO, search and Social practices.

new seo trend

For long term business and online success we need to have more effective and sustainable SEO as the web has changed, evolved and getting better and SMARTER day by day!

So, here are few tips to replace the old SEO practices, they are easy and result oriented!!!

How to Use #Hashtags in Social Media – The Right Way!

How to Optimize Your Social Media Profile in 5 Simple Steps

Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc are gaining popularity, if we talk about numbers, it will literally go in millions and these figures are increasing daily. No doubt, social media is a lively platform to create and share compelling content with like minded people.


Having a presence on social media sites will definitely give a boost to you as an individual and your business as well. But, the skill is to convey the right message to the right people at the right time…Are you doing that in a proper way?

Though it may sound puzzling, but it can be accomplished with few simple social media optimization strategies. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be practiced for social media search, too! This article will give you a glimpse about how to optimize your social media profile? Let’s dig the topic!!!

How to Localize Your Search Marketing

It’s a fact: Internet provides the opportunity for brands to reach customers all across the world. But is it equally good for the businesses that just need local customers or neighboring network? Well, would you trust me if I say YES? Actually, it is!!!

Local search Marketing is the term that does it all.

According to experts “An effective local search campaign has to focus on sending clear signals indicating the relationship between the website/business and the locations they would like to target.”

Local SEO
Here are few simple local search marketing tips you can use to take control of your local traffic and local search results: