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How to Use #Hashtags in Social Media – The Right Way!

How to Optimize Your Social Media Profile in 5 Simple Steps

Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc are gaining popularity, if we talk about numbers, it will literally go in millions and these figures are increasing daily. No doubt, social media is a lively platform to create and share compelling content with like minded people.


Having a presence on social media sites will definitely give a boost to you as an individual and your business as well. But, the skill is to convey the right message to the right people at the right time…Are you doing that in a proper way?

Though it may sound puzzling, but it can be accomplished with few simple social media optimization strategies. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be practiced for social media search, too! This article will give you a glimpse about how to optimize your social media profile? Let’s dig the topic!!!

How to Localize Your Search Marketing

It’s a fact: Internet provides the opportunity for brands to reach customers all across the world. But is it equally good for the businesses that just need local customers or neighboring network? Well, would you trust me if I say YES? Actually, it is!!!

Local search Marketing is the term that does it all.

According to experts “An effective local search campaign has to focus on sending clear signals indicating the relationship between the website/business and the locations they would like to target.”

Local SEO
Here are few simple local search marketing tips you can use to take control of your local traffic and local search results:

How to Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes

Happy New Year to all my readers…

There is no doubt that no one can deny the importance of social media and this trend will continue in 2014 and beyond. Here are few simple yet powerful steps that will play an important role in your social media engagement.

increase facebook likes
Focus on engagement as much as you can. Visit other facebook pages and if you’re a local business, visit local pages and like their content, provide feedback etc so that others would be more likely to like and share your content.

Image Optimization

As we all know “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but if we talk about online medium, a picture is only worth when it is actually found by the right audience.

In fact, images can generate a lot of traffic from image based search engines and here comes the role of Image Optimization.


Content with images can get more total views as compared to content without images. Undoubtedly an image or a picture catches more attention than the plain text.

Twitter World: How to Develop Your Online Brand in 2014

So, you said “It’s too early for 2014”… Only 61 days are left for The New Year!!! Let’s plan things ahead!!!

In today’s information-rich world, it’s next to impossible to stay off the online media. The crucial issue is – who is going to control your brand? Others? Destiny? Or you? Well, we all know the exact answer!!!

Develop Your Online Business in 2014

The powerful term ‘Social Media’ gives endless opportunities to connect, communicate, engage and even create an influential brand. It’s a must have thing, if you are a professional or small business owner.

Google Hummingbird Update: How it Impacts Your Online Presence

Stay tuned for this week’s blog post as we’re going to address this latest issue which will impact your online presence.